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Publication date 26.09.2007

18.10.2007 Meeting of G6 Ministers – Invitation for Conference

Press conference of the Ministers of Interior of the G6 Group, summarising the meeting devoted, i.a, to combating terrorism, cooperation in the framework of EU civilian mission in Afghanistan and migration, will take place on 18th October (Thursday), 11.30 a.m., in Grand Hotel, Sopot, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 12/14.

Due to security reasons, journalists interested in participating in the conference are kindly asked to accredit till 8th October 2007 at
Accreditation data must include:

  1. Journalist’s name and surname
  2. Editorial section name
  3. PESEL number
  4. Father’s name
  5. Passport-size photo in the jpg. format

The above requirements are necessary for the participation in the press conference. More information is available at or by contacting us at telephone number 022 60 144 27.

The schedule of the meeting is as follows:

Meeting of G-6 Ministers of Interior
Poland, 17-18th October 2007
Place: Trójmiasto

17th October, Wednesday

  • Module II – Future of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
  • Module III – JHA External Dimension

18th October, Thursday

  • Module III – JHA External Dimension - continuation
  • Module I – Migrations
  • 11.30 a.m.: Press conference
  • 12.00: Family photo

Polish Presidency in the G6 Group

Poland took up the Presidency in the G6 Group in September 2007, and it will fulfil this function until the end of 2007. In accordance with the formula adopted, the country that carries the Presidency in the group should take actions in the areas that it considers to be priority areas in the EU forum, and at the same time promote cooperation in the group's forum in selected narrow expert fields.

Thus, the programme of the Polish Presidency defines areas of discussion under JHA that are the most important for Poland, suggesting at the same time narrower, concrete measures following from the programmes of three presidencies: German, Portugal, and Slovenian. They concern, inter alia, the membership of new countries in the Schengen area, combating trafficking in human beings and cooperation with third countries in the JHA area.

Poland has been participating in the work of the G6 Group since March 2006, when Ludwik Dorn, Minister competent for internal affairs, participated in the meeting of the G6 Ministers in Heiligendamm (the German Presidency). Wolfgang Schäuble, Federal Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany, directly supported Poland’s accession to G6. Further meetings of G6 Interior Ministers with participation of Poland took place in October 2006 in Stratford-Upon-Avon (the British Presidency) and in May 2007. (the Italian Presidency). The ministerial meeting under the Polish Presidency in G6 will take place on 17-18th October in Sopot.

The G6 Group, which has been in operation since 2003, is an informal initiative in the area of internal security, gathering the largest EU Member States: Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.
Ministers of Interior of these countries meet once per half a year in the country that at a given time has the Presidency in the Group. Meetings at the ministerial level are aimed at presenting and streamlining positions of the Group states in the area of home affairs within the European Union. It concerns, inter alia, strengthening joint actions aimed to combat organised crime and terrorism, as well as efficient defence of borders and counteracting illegal immigration.

The G6 Group covers also meetings of experts dedicated to specific issues, and allowing for tightening cooperation between the G6 group. Poland participates, inter alia, in the following initiatives of the G6 Group forum: G6 working group for readmission (experts of the Polish Border Guard) and G6 working group for the control system for explosives (experts of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Interior and Administration).

Moreover, Poland, together with the UK, was granted the leading role in the initiative of establishing common investigation teams for trafficking in human beings.

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