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Publication date 14.07.2004

Salzburg – meeting of the ministers of internal affairs on safety

Obraz14.07.04 – The threat of terrorist attacks in Poland, the localisation of the Agency for External Borders and the new responsibilities and advantages associated with the full membership in Europol – these are some of the issues which were of interest to journalists during a meeting with the Head of MSWiA Ryszard Kalisz and Vice-Minister Paweł Dakowski.

Minister Kalisz assured that the threat of terrorist attack is constantly analysed by relevant services in Poland. So far there are no grounds to assume that security level in the country will deteriorate in near future.

Referring to the problem of exchange of information between the countries, Vice Minister Dakowski noticed, that there is no system which would gather data in possession of different institutions. If there was such a base it would facilitate the analysis of the situation and would help to counteract threats.

Vice Minister Dakowski expressed hope that the Agency for External Borders will be situated in Warsaw. „It is a very good localisation because Poland is a country which has a very long external border of the European Union” – he said. Vice Minister emphasised that the protection of the eastern border is constantly improving, among other things, because of the funds coming from the EU.

Between 15 and 16 July there will be a meeting in Salzburg of the ministers of internal affairs from EU Member States from Central and Eastern Europe. The main topic of discussions will be counteracting terrorist threats and exchange of information in this field.


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