Publication date 08.12.2017

Poland does not change its opinion on the relocation of refugees

Security of Polish citizens is our utmost priority and therefore we are ready to defend our position concerning relocation of refugees before the Court of Justice of the European Union. The current government withdrew from the reckless decision of the PO-PSL coalition to admit immigrants. Today we know that our position on the automatically-triggered relocation mechanism is right as European Union withdrew from the ineffective programme. Out of 160 thousand migrants only about 30 thousand were relocated.

I consider security priceless. 89% of Poles feels safe. I will never allow for the emergence of districts to which Polish does not apply. We have changed the PO-PSL decision on the admission of refugees and we will not succumb to the European Commission. It is up to the Polish citizens  to decide who to invite to Poland, and not foreign countries – underlined minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

Poland is of the opinion that the key to solving migration problems is the action at the source – where migration has its origin. It is also crucial to strengthen the security of EU external borders and fighting migrant smugglers and traffickers in human beings. We stand ready to defend our position before the Court of Justice of the European Union. The arguments that we reiterate below have been brought up by Poland before and they still apply.

Internal security is Poland's exclusive matter

We underline that national security remains within the boundaries of exclusive responsibility of each and every Member State. Therefore the current Polish government does not agree for the EC to exceed its powers to override national competence in the area of security and social matters. The Treaty on Functioning of the European Union clearly confirms that national security remains the exclusive responsibility of Member States. The Court of Justice of the European Union itself indicated on multiple occasions that Member States have an obligation and competence to take up measures towards guaranteeing external and internal security. Security policy falls under the authority of particular states and not the EU.

Implementing the decision threatens the security

Implementing the relocation decision does not allow for upholding the necessary level of security guarantees. Since it first entered into force, nearly all Member States expressed concerns that there is no way of carrying out reliable screenings of the applicants. The Polish government – despite occurring allegations – did not have the freedom to indicate migrants of particular gender or age group for relocation from migrant centres. Such action would be considered discriminating by EU institutions and is not possible.

We responsibly support the fight against migration crisis

The Polish border guards aid their partners abroad in securing their borders. That is a responsible way of combating the problem of irregular migration. Border Guard officers supported partners in many countries, in particular in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. For the last two years more than 850 Polish border guards participated in joint operations coordinated by Frontex and in activities conducted in the framework of bilateral agreements. Their engagement accounts for over 35 thousand man-days of operations abroad. As a result of our efforts the permanent headquarters of Frontex – one of the most important EU agencies – is located in Warsaw. This confirms the role Poland plays in strengthening the security of European Union external borders. Poland shows solidarity with other Member States and is engaged in carrying humanitarian aid to countries most affected by the crisis. Over 2016 and 2017 our country disbursed 300 mln PLN for tackling the migration crisis.

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