Publication date 18.06.2018

Conference of Ministers of the Interior of the Salzburg Forum and the Western Balkans

On 14-15 June 2018 the conference of Ministers of the Interior of the Salzburg Forum (SF) and the Western Balkans was held in Bucharest, as a part of the Romanian presidency in this group. Poland was represented by Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration, Renata Szczęch.

Hungary, Poland and Romania represent the so-called presidency trio as they indicate priorities for enhancing cooperation between the SF countries and the Western Balkans as far as migration and asylum issues, borders protection, fight against human smuggling and trafficking and fight against international crime are concerned. Ministerial conferences of the Salzburg Forum are organized every six months by consecutive countries of the SF holding six-month presidencies. Poland held its presidency during the preceding six months.

The Salzburg Forum member states are Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia,  Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia. The SF Group of friends was also established in 2007, which includes the Western Balkans countries and Moldova. 

The Salzburg Forum is for Poland one of the most important informal international initiatives covering the Home Affairs. Key fields of cooperation within the Salzburg Forum include: police cooperation, borders protection, fight against illegal migration, asylum policy and exchange of views concerning the EU.

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